Sunday, March 06, 2016

Swedish group wants 'legal abortions' for men

Men should have the same right as women to decide not be parents, according to a controversial new proposal from the Liberal Party’s youth wing in western Sweden (LUF Väst).

Men who don’t want to become fathers should be permitted to have a “legal abortion” up to the 18th week of a woman’s pregnancy, say the young liberals.

The cut-off date coincides with the last week in which a woman can terminate a pregnancy in Sweden.

“This means a man would renounce the duties and rights of parenthood,” LUF Väst chairman Marcus Nilsen told The Local.

By signing up for a “legal abortion” then, a man would not have to pay maintenance for his child, but neither would he have any right to meet the child.

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Chris said...

They could have called it a forfeiture of parental rights, but, no, they had to use the term "abortion." All this proves is that the left constantly lies. They are not pro-choice, but pro-abortion. They revel in it, they rejoice in it, they sing and dance to its tune. These are sick people.

lannes said...

If men don't want the child, don't make the woman pregnant. If women don't want the child, don't get pregnant. Better than abortion afterwards.

Dan said...

If she was not married to him, there should be no right to support. Child support for illegitimate children removes an incentive for marriage and, in the case of a married man having an affair, works an injustice to the wife and legitimate children (fewer resources available for them).

Unknown said...

Well, to give the Swedes credit, in the United States one can abort a child up to the moment of birth, so in retrospect, 18 weeks seems almost Christian.

But then if one reads the opinions of the Ecumenical Patriarch on this issue, it would appear that he, personally, would not have any objections to any of this:

”We are not allowed to enter the bedrooms of the Christian couples,” he said [then Metropolitan Bartholomais of Chalcedon, and now the current Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew]: ”We cannot generalize. There are many reasons for a couple to go toward abortion.”

Anonymous said...

You all do realize that this is a joke, right? I mean, if you read to the bottom of the article it directly states that the same 'youth wing' in recent months voted to allow incest in over 15 year olds and consensual necrophilia where a signed will allowed it. Then it says, "A senior member of the mother party, Carl B. Hamilton, called the youngsters idiots and wondered if “sex with hippos” would be next on the agenda."