Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ted Cruz'a Weird Father

I didn't know he was a Dominionist. Seriously bizarre theological heresy that. Nor did I realize that he left the Catholic Church after his divorce and remarriage.

HT: Rod Dreher who has a piece up on this via an email tip from Dr. Tighe.


Prior Martin said...

Thanks for posting this, I knew there was something about Cruz I didn't like. Rubio claims to be RC but regularly attends a Prot megachurch. Kasich was RC until he "converted' to Anglicanisn, which can mean anything from Episcopagan to Anglo-Papalist Spikes. All the more reason to vote for Trump, he's just a good, old fashion, money grubbing billionaire who claims he will halt the Mexi-Muzzie invasion. Unfortunately, he has more than a few ties to Judaism despite his critics saying he's a Nazi. Go figure..........nobody's perfect.

William Tighe said...

Didn't know about Rubio attending a megachurch; some Catholic, he (I wonder if his supposed role in leading his parents back to Catholicism from Mormonism as a teenager is true). Kasich also has a divorce-and-remarriage on his CV, but whether that played a role in his leaving Catholicism for Anglicanism I don't know. (His parents, one a Croatian, the other a Czech, both active Catholics, left the Catholic Church and became Episcopalians after his mother became an avid follower of Pat Robertson's "700 Club" television show.)

Prior Martin said...

I wasn't aware of Rubio's Mormon connection. I've never understood how anyone could be attracted to such a bizarre cult, nor do I understand the attraction of Pat Robertson.

Unknown said...

From reading Rod's article, Cruz's father is most probably a Christian Zionist one of the weirdest and most extreme heresies in the history of Christianity. I'd much rather have a nominal Presbyterian like Trump than a zealous evangelical like Cruz as president.