Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Vatican newspaper publishes arguments for allowing women to preach at Mass

The Vatican newspaper has published essays suggesting that women should be allowed to preach at Mass.

Under existing canon law, only priests and deacons are authorized to preach at Mass. But in a special section of L'Osservatore Romano dedicated to women's role in the Church, three writers call for a re-examination of that policy.

"This topic is a delicate one," acknowledges Enzo Bianchi, the founder and head of the Bose ecumenical community; "but I believe it is urgent that we address it." He says that allowing women to preach would be "a fundamental change in their participation in Church life."

Sister Catherine Aubin, a Dominican theologian, adds an observation that women have been effective evangelists throughout the history of the Church, and today are regularly invited to lead spiritual retreats. Sister Madeleine Fredell remarks that she is allowed to preach in Lutheran churches, and says, "I believe that listening to the voice of women at the time of the homily would enrich our Catholic worship."



Prior Martin said...

Is anyone surprised? Rome is only a few years behind Canterbury.

lannes said...

Pope Frank reportedly said after meeting Bernie Sanders briefly, anyone who thinks he was endorsing Sanders "ought to see a psychiatrist". VERY unseemly for a Pope.