Friday, March 04, 2016

Political correctness devours yet another college

On Saturday, two members of Bowdoin College’s student government will face impeachment proceedings. What heinous transgression did they commit? Theft, plagiarism, sexual assault?

Nope. They attended a party where some guests wore tiny sombreros. 
Two weeks ago, some students threw a birthday party for a friend. The email invitation read: “the theme is tequila, so do with that what you may. We’re not saying it’s a fiesta, but we’re also not not saying that :).” The invitation — sent by a student of Colombian descent, which may or may not be relevant here — advertised games, music, cups and “other things that are conducive to a fun night.”

Those “other things” included the miniature sombreros, several inches in diameter. And when photos of attendees wearing those mini-sombreros showed up on social media, students and administrators went ballistic.

College administrators sent multiple schoolwide emails notifying the students about an “investigation” into a possible “act of ethnic stereotyping.” 

Partygoers ultimately were reprimanded or placed on “social probation,” and the hosts have been kicked out of their dorm, according to friends. (None of the disciplined students whom I contacted wanted to speak on the record; Bowdoin President Clayton Rose declined an interview and would not answer a general question about what kinds of disciplinary options are considered when students commit an “act of bias.”) 

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Left-wing Fascism continues its sweep of American university campuses.


Han said...

"Left-wing Fascism" is redundant. Fascism was always a movement of the left. Socialism in one country, you know, National Socialism is still socialism.

Unknown said...

Han, yes you are correct. People seem to forget that it was, after all, the National "Socialist" Party.

Mark Citadel said...

The important transition to watch here is Liberalism's embrace of totalitarianism in order to protect itself. The need to do this proves that e are having an effect. We are rising as a threat to their established order.