Friday, August 10, 2007

Some news from the OCA

The report on the recent meeting of the Holy Synod has been published. Some of it is pretty routine stuff but there are a few interesting items (beyond those dealing with the recent scandal) that I think are worth highlighting.

1. The Holy Synod discussed, and plans further detailed discussion in October, of the OCA's membership in the National Council of Churches (NCC). This was apparently brought on by a letter from Archbishop +Nathaniel. Unfortunately the details of that letter were not posted. The NCC is of course a very liberal (both politically and theologically) Protestant ecumenical group whose positions are for the most part incompatible with Orthodoxy. The Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese withdrew from the NCC recently. Let us pray the OCA follows them out the door.

2. Reading between the lines it appears that the bishops are concerned that Met. +Herman may have been overstepping the bounds of his office. The web version refers in the most general terms to a discussion on the role of the Metropolitan as first among equals. There was talk of conference calls to resolve issues that required input from other bishops.

3. Alaska was briefly discussed. Again no real details on the OCA website. Those interested in what is prompting this can go here.

4. The Holy Synod sent what sounded like proforma congratulations to the Russian Church on its reconciliation with the Church Abroad. Of course what the reunion portends for the future between ROCOR and the OCA remains to be seen. Sadly the two jurisdictions have at times had a very chilly relationship.

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