Saturday, September 02, 2006

The latest in liberal protest: Assassinating G. W. Bush

Dateline Chicago Oct 2007: The President of the United States is walking out of a hotel when suddenly there is gunfire and pandemonium. The president falls as security people draw weapons. Of course it’s all captured on live television. Fortunately this is a scene from a movie. Unfortunately the movie is a politically motivated assault on the United States. And just in case anyone misses the point the President who is assassinated is… you probably guessed it… George W. Bush.

Now I have become increasingly disenchanted with this administration’s policies. And I am a staunch defender of the right to freedom of expression. But I am also a strong defender of the right to criticize the irresponsible exercise of that freedom. This is so over the top it is a no brainer. It needs to be roundly condemned by descent people of every political and religious persuasion.

You can read what sounds like a disturbingly sympathetic report on the film by clicking here.

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