Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Episcopal "bishop" to make same sex marriage compulsory for clergy

In a note to the clergy on The Commemoration of Absalom Jones, [Bishop Charles] Bennison wrote to “clergy colleagues” saying, “I am very concerned that to date only 43 of us have registered for the Conference on Rites for Blessing Same – Gender Relationships on February 21- a week from tomorrow. This means that a large number of us may not be adequately prepared to respond pastorally, either to people’s reactions to this summer’s General Convention vote on rites proposed by the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music in response to Resolution C-056 at the 2009 General Convention, or to same gender couples who may ask us to use the rites for the blessing of their relationships if, as seems likely, Convention adopts them.

“Unless the implementing resolution states otherwise, none of us, should we be asked to bless the relationship of a same-gender couple, may refuse to do so on the basis of their sexual orientation.”
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Former Episcopalian Fr. Al Kimel (ROCOR-WRV) used to have some favorite quotes one of which was… “Where orthodoxy is optional, it will eventually be proscribed.”


The Archer of the Forest said...

First of all, Bishop Bennison is completely nuts. His own diocese tried very hard to have him deposed, but the TEC hierarchy reinstated with a wink and nod. He was actually convicted in a Church trial, which in the Episcopal church should tell you something.

Secondly, he has absolutely no canonical authority whatsoever to enforce this. Our canons clearly state that no clergy can be forced to perform any marriage for any reason against the cleric's individual conscience.

Whatever he is saying to the contrary is absolute and complete garbage.

Anonymous said...

Third - everyone knows that he provided the cover while his brother (a minister) was having an affair with a teenage girl.


Anonymous said...

Fr. Kimel was quoting Fr. Richard John Neuhaus and what came to be known as Neuhaus' Law: "Where orthodoxy is optional, orthodoxy will sooner or later be proscribed."

Fr. Tom

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Do you wonder sometimes whether these people are TYING to drive out more of their members? A sort of purge?

Fr. George said...

In the case of Bishop Bennison and TEC: what has been accepted is what is acceptable.

His behavior, so long as it is permitted by the the Episcopal Church, is acceptable because it is permitted. Say what you like about him, but if he gets away with it, then it is OK.

Anonymous said...

Right you are Fr. George! The same goes for their "theology." As long as bishops and priests like Pike (now long deceased) and Spong remain in good standing and without cenure, their teachings become the lowest common denominator making virtually all manner of thought and theology permitted.


Proskomen said...

Anastasia: I believe that happens. Many liberal Episcopalians I've met have expressed happiness and said good riddance when conservative congregations leave TEC, swimming the Tiber or transferring to a "continuing Anglican" sect.

Lest I be accused of picking on the Episcopalians, there are Orthodox who make a point of discouraging people who are considering Orthodoxy after fleeing the fall of the TEC. In their own words, they don't want any more "bigots" in the Orthodox Church.