Sunday, February 12, 2012

Melkite Greek Catholic Bishop Condemns "First Communion" Ceremonies

An excellent read (it's in PDF).  Click here.

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Anonymous said...

Hello John,

I think that your headline on this topic is misleading. It made me think that the Bishop was condeming First Holy Communion outright. I read the Bishop's letter and only found that the Bishop was upset at some Melkite faithful for maintaining the Latin/Roman custom of First Holy Communion. The Melkites returned to communion for infants 40 or so years ago. It seems that many Melkite parents are still in tune with the Latin custom of First Holy Communion. It seems to me that the Bishop wants the Melkites to adhere to the Melkite traditions. I don't see where he condemned the Latin/Roman pratice of First Holy Communion.

I am of the Latin/Roman Rite who mostly (6+yrs.) attends Maronite and Melkite Liturgies on Sundays.
Today it was at The Annunciation Melkite Mission in Covina,Ca.

A big problem as I see it is that the Melkites and other Eastern Rite Catholics do not have their own schools. Many Eastern Rite parents send their children to the local Roman Catholic schools. From talking to many Eastern Rite parents, I am told that their children want to attend mass with their friends and that the Eastern Liturgies are too long. Also many areas where there are Melites there are no Melkite parishes to serve them.

When I am in a Roman parish, I do things the Roman way. When I am in an Eastern Rite parish, I do it their way. Armenian, Chaldean, Coptic, Maronite, Syrian, Syro-Malabar, Knanay along with five Greek Byzantine Catholic rites.
Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI urge Latin Catholic to attend Eastern Rite Liturgies. I aim to make all 21 of them.

The Melkites should obey their Bishop and traditions and do things the Melkite way. That is what the Bishop was saying and not condemning First Holy Communion.

With respect,

John Rondina

Anonymous said...

bravo for the bishop!