Saturday, February 11, 2012

Repost: Guidelines for comments

This is an old post, but some of the combox discussions of late have gotten a bit heated.  So I think it's time to put this up on the front page again.... John

Welcome to Ad Orientem and thanks for stopping by. Some of the posts I put up deal with controversial issues which can generate debate and discussion. Comments on Ad Orientem are welcome. However, there are a few "house rules."

1. Stay on topic.

2. Debate vigorously, but not personally. Posts should refrain from Ad Hominem attacks especially on other commentators. This also includes malicious gossip, calumny and detraction. Be polite.

3. In line with the previous, NO TROLLING.  If I think you are just trying to be obnoxious or looking to start an online fight you will  be shown the cyber door and asked not to return.

4. Any comments even hinting at or defending racism, antisemitism or any other form of bigotry / extremist beliefs will be deleted with the poster banned from this blog without warning.

5. No SPAMing. Any links posted that are not relevant to the topic of the thread will be deleted.

6. Comments should be posted in English. If I can't read it I will probably delete it because (sadly) sometimes people camouflage offensive posts using foreign languages. Common sense here... non-English terms and phrases are fine. But comments should generally be in English.

7. Although I do not bar anonymous comments, I encourage posters to sign at least their first name to their posts. An unwillingness to attach your name to a comment does not lend weight to whatever point you’re trying to make.

8. If you think someone's comments are out of line please drop me an email rather than posting an accusation in the combox.

Comments have only rarely been deleted . However, this is a Christian Blog. Any comments inconsistent with that will be removed. I am pretty liberal (in the classical sense of the term) when it comes to diversity of opinion. But in the end this is MY blog and I decide what is and is not kosher.

Feel free to click on the contact link in the sidebar if you want to get in touch with me by email.

John / Ad Orientem

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The Archer of the Forest said...

Do you classify disgruntled Anglicans as trolls?

John (Ad Orientem) said...

LOL. You can be a disgruntled anything. Just don't come looking to start a combox flame-war.

The Archer of the Forest said...

Darn, I so wanted to be called a troll...just once. Anglicans are just too polite ;)