Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Roman Catholic Priest Refuses Communion to Practicing Lesbian

There is a huge brouhaha that seems to be gaining steam following the decision of a Roman Catholic priest to refuse communion to an openly practicing homosexual woman who introduced her paramour to the priest shortly before her mother's funeral mass.  Reports on exactly what happened and in what order are contradictory.  And now the press has gotten hold of the story and the political left as also all the gay rights people are going nuts.

This is making the rounds on the web but the best coverage, with comments running into the hundreds, appears to be over at The Deacons Bench where there are multiple posts up on the subject.

For the record I am very sympathetic to the priest in this case.  He was right in principal, but it sounds like he probably should have handled the situation a bit more tactfully.  And now there is an effort underway by the usual suspects to have him lynched.


Anonymous said...


Now he will almost certainly be crucified not only by the media, but by his archdiocese as well. God bless and strengthen him.

Anonymous said...

Pinochet and Franco received communion. So it goes.


Anonymous said...


Franco initially stood up to church burning, nun raping communists. It's a different thing that he had ulterior motives and then called the church ungrateful for not supporting him.