Monday, February 13, 2012

Did Romney really win in Maine? Maybe and maybe not...

Washington County in Maine cancelled its caucus due to the threat of inclement weather.  Ron Paul's people are crying foul and claiming that they would likely have won the state.  Some are going so far as to suggest collusion with the Romney campaign.

In fairness, claims that Washington County would have put Dr. Paul over the top might be a stretch given the usually low turn out up there.  Unless it was much higher than usual, even a 100% vote for Paul would not have altered the final outcome.  And according to reports the weather really was abysmal.  In any event the caucus has been rescheduled for later this week.

But the real story is that Ron Paul is probably going to control Maine's delegates at the GOP convention anyway.  The campaign has been working very aggressively to get it's people into state GOP positions especially in non-binding caucus states.  This allows them to stack the state convention which will select the delegates to the national convention this summer.  Bottom line, the Ron Paul campaign feels very confident that they will own Maine's delegates in Tampa.  And what's more, they are likely to have more delegates than a lot of people expect just by going by the number of states won.

Read Ron Paul's not so secret ninja plan for padding his delegate count here.

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