Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Construction of 40 Russian churches to be underway in Moscow in 2012

MOSCOW, January 18 (Itar-Tass) – Construction of forty Russian Orthodox churches will be underway in Moscow City’s densely populated bedroom communities in 2012, Vladimir Ressin, an advisor to the Mayor of Moscow told reporters Wednesday.

All in all, the authorities plan building some 200 new Russian Orthodox churches in the city’s dormitory districts that have an apparent shortage of church facilities.

“Foundations of twenty church buildings have already been laid and we’re supposed to make arrangements on another twenty land plots this year,” Ressin said after a conference on the Program 200 that envisions the construction of 200 fast-to-build churches.

He is the supervisor of the project.

“I mean considering the situation with utility lines, geology surveys, architectural design projects, and the dates of public hearings,” he said.

The scope of participants in the conference that was held in the downtown Cathedral of the Savior included clergymen, officials from all the prefectures of the city, experts from construction companies and design bureaus, and executives of investor companies.

Conferences on the program will be held in the Cathedral of the Savior weekly.

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