Thursday, January 26, 2012

Poll: Furious Americans want to fire Congress

In a country sharply divided on almost every issue, most Americans agree on one thing: they don’t like Congress, and they would vote to replace every single member -- even their own -- if they had the option.

Fifty-six percent of registered voters say they would vote out every member of Congress if there were a place on the ballot to do so. That’s the highest response in favor of the question since it was first asked in March 2010.

And they say so across the ideological spectrum – with 55 percent of liberals, 55 percent of moderates, and 58 percent of conservatives all feeling the same way.
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This is actually not a bad idea. Maybe it would result in some adults landing in Congress.


Anonymous said...

Speaking from across the pond...

I've often thought that it would be interesting to see the outcome of a general election fought where the ballot in every constituency had the option "none of the above".

The Archer of the Forest said...

Sadly, I think that's why many people don't bother to vote. They feel that just encourages the deadbeats.