Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thomas Sowell: GOP infighting is helping Obama

The Republican candidates' circular firing squad now seems to be using machine guns. Whoever the eventual "last man standing" turns out to be, he may not be standing very tall or very steadily on his feet — and he may be a pushover for Barack Obama in the general election, thanks to fellow Republicans.

Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or an independent, this is a very serious and historically crucial time for the United States of America. What Mitt Romney did or did not do when he was with Bain Capital, or what Newt Gingrich did or did not say to his ex-wife, are things that should be left for the tabloids.

With the economy still faltering and Iran on its way to getting nuclear bombs, surely we can get serious about the issues facing this nation. Or can we?
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Interesting post.  Of course my problem is that there is no material difference between Obama and Newt or Mittens.  They are all big government statists.   So my attitude is pretty much one of pass the popcorn, this is more entertaining than any of the crap on TV sitcoms.

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