Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gingrich makes play for gold vote

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Newt Gingrich has moved to capture some Republican voters who lean toward Ron Paul and other Republicans who were Jack Kemp followers by naming two gold bugs to the Gingrich future team of advisers.

The former House speaker says he intends to appoint investment banker Lewis E. Lehrman, famous in the Reagan era for his red suspenders and gold-standard advocacy, and Jim Grant, editor of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, as President Gingrich’s Gold Commission - if and when of course Mr. Gingrich wins both the Republican nomination and the general election in November.

Mr. Paul, a Texas congressman with a conservative libertarian world view, earlier had promised to appoint Mr. Grant as chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.

“It is a smart move to pitch both the Paul enthusiasts who may not think Paul has a chance and the Kempians,” conservative fundraiser Richard Norman told The Washington Times.

“Kemp and Paul are about as far apart as you can get but the one thing that unites them is a return to the gold standard.”
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That's nice.  But what Newt is selling I'm not buying.  Gingrich is a quasi fascist imperialist whose idea about respect for the rule of law is jailing judges he doesn't agree with.  Moving on.

Ron Paul has my vote, even if I have to write it in.

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Anonymous said...

I find the results quite suspicious. Anyway, we believe in Divine Providence. God allowed it to happen. Ultimately, good will result from whatever evil has been done.