Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Scots Begin Bid for Vote on Independence

EDINBURGH — Choosing a day of deep symbolic importance, Scottish authorities set out on Wednesday to prepare the ground for a potentially divisive referendum on their land’s independence after three centuries of union with England that separatist leaders say is becoming increasingly irksome.

Like Northern Ireland and Wales, Scotland already has its own Parliament and administration with powers over areas like health and education as part of the United Kingdom with a dominant England. But now, the country’s political leaders are pressing for a referendum on full independence or at least greatly expanded autonomy.

For its part, the British government, backed by the Labour opposition, wants Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom and differs with the Scottish authorities on both the timing of a referendum and the nature of the question it should answer.
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Anonymous said...

I'm all for Scottish independence, if it means we can buy single malts for less (just kidding)...

I'm in the middle of watching a fantastic history series called "A History of Scotland", narrated by a Scottish archaeologist Neil Oliver, who has a dramatic flair and a great Scottish accent. The series is wonderful and has really opened my eyes to what and for how long Scotland has fought for their independence (think: 1500 years...). If Scotland pulls this off, it will be a truly historic event, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Long live Scotland!! Long live the Stewarts!! The King in the North!

John (Ad Orientem) said...

If I thought these people were Jacobites they would have my support. But I am pretty sure they are mostly lefty republicans. Scottish independence sounds nice, but there are really serious practical problems. Scotland is pretty poor compared with most of the rest of the UK. Their share of Britain's national debt could be crippling if they were told they had to pay it, which would only be fair. And Scotland's anticipated revenue from North Sea oil is probably vastly overstated, even if the English let them have it all (no certainty by any means).

Frankly I think Scottish independence would have a much better chance of success if they the English vote.

The Archer of the Forest said...

I fail to see how Scotland can fully support itself as an independent nation without turning into a poor 3rd rate country like Slovakia, Portugal, or something. You can only make so much money off tourism and exporting Scotch, wool, and haggis.

On the flip side, however, going to Scotland from England is pretty much like entering a foreign country. I had to show passports and all going from Cambridge to Scotland. It was bizarre.

If that's what they want, more power to them, but I remain skeptical of its long term viability.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

Oooops my previous comment omitted the word "let" which should have appeared before "the English..."

James said...


You are right about the English. It has taken a long time for Scottish whining to stir things up but it has got to the point where most in England would be glad to see the back of them. Cut them off completely.

I write as one whose ancestors wisely moved south of the border in the nineteenth century but I should be sorry to see the breakup of the UK and I think the Scots are nuts. Incidentally, one major benefit to England would be that it would severely reduce the possibility left wing government.

Jason said...


Somebody had to say it. My apologies to the real William Wallace, RIP.

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for the Scots and their intellectual abilities, the English would have remained a pissant little people stuck on an island.

Scotland has wealth in brains. England only has money.

Plus, Scotland, the Scotland of the highlands is still Celtic, still "orthodox", far away from the lowlands and their protestant, mercantile attitude.

I don't think Scotland will actually separate but it will gain more autonomy, all the better for Scotland. The English will be stuck with their dreams of past glory but the Scots will have the dream of a good future.

Scotland forever!

( Apropos- today is Robbie Burns Day!)

The Anti-Gnostic said...

The English will be stuck with their dreams of past glory but the Scots will have the dream of a good future.

A good future to be paid for by whom, exactly? I think they'll pursue the same social democratic policies that are killing the rest of the Isles, only with less net tax-payors.

Who's going to pay for them to sit in council housing and do drugs--the Scottish diaspora?