Friday, January 27, 2012

More signs US economy is slowly mending

The nation’s on-and-off economic recovery has picked up its pace, the Commerce Department reported Friday, with the U.S. economy growing at an annualized rate of 2.8 percent for the end of 2011.

That rate is the fastest recorded in a year and a half, and it follows three quarters of growth below 2 percent.
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123 said...

I was just told by a high-level investments executive at Morgan Stanley that their internal economists are predicting a recession in the latter half of 2012, even though things are looking up (sorta) now.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how that jibes with this reported 2011 GDP rate of growth of 1.7%:

The Anti-Gnostic said...

As an entrepeneur I know put it, the economy is always in the process of recovering; it is government that prolongs recession.

From what I have read, the economy is showing positive metrics, but it is taking more public and private debt to do it.

In other words, Treasury debt and artificially low interest rates continue to prop up certain sectors and distort the capital structure, but where the malinvestments have been allowed to liquidate the recovery continues.