Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Islamists set fire to Orthodox church

LABUNISTA, Macedonia — An Orthodox Christian church famed for its valuable icons was set alight in southern Macedonia overnight, authorities said Tuesday, as religious tension between Christians and minority Muslims grew over a carnival in which men dressed as women in burqas and mocked the Quran.

Firefighters extinguished the fire late Monday in the two century-old Sveti Nikola church, in the village of Labunista near the town of Struga. The church’s roof was partly destroyed but its icons were not damaged, the fire service said.
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Anonymous said...

"... men dressed as women in burqas and mocked the Quran."

Bad form. Acceptable for Monty Python perhaps in Middlesex but not Macedonia.

Igumen Gregory said...

Talk about taunting the Lion!

Mcommini2 said...

Yes, by all means, its fault of the cross-dressing mockers of the Quran, and not the followers of the Quran who serve to prove why it so deserves mocking. Religion of peace, nothing to see here.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

Glorious multiculturalism. Eventually it's the Phalange versus Hamas and not so funny any more.

Anonymous said...

"its fault of the cross-dressing mockers"

Yes. Cross-dressing is an integral part of Orthodox life.