Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Mozarabic Liturgy

From the NLM.  Yes, Roman Catholics used to know how to build churches.  One notes the presence of Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Policarpo Stavrópoulos who oddly is wearing the epitrachelion.  Why?  Surely he was not directly participating in the liturgy or planning to commune.


gdelassu said...

I cannot imagine why this image prompts the remark "Yes, Roman Catholics used to know how to build churches." Yes, it is true that many new Catholic churches are ugly. Yes, it is true that many older Catholic churches are beautiful. The church in that photo, however, is only slightly less ugly than some of the newer ones. It is just busy, not beautiful, and those are not the same thing.

Igumen Gregory said...

From what I read the Orthodox clergy donned the epitrchelion and/or small omophorion in order to venerate the relic. No, they did not receive Holy Communion.

Matthew M said...

Orthodox are so paranoid that any appearance of 'intercommunion' between Catholics and the big O, is
sacrilegious and heretical even if totally untrue as in this case or any case.I'm sure the Hierarchs know what they are doing.
'paranoia strikes a beat, into your life it will creep.....'

One of the reasons I left Orthodoxy. Orthodox are so much concerned with their 'purity' that they fail to follow Christ in His holiness and dwell among those who need God's Grace the more.

Anonymous said...


Are you kidding me? That church is exceedingly beautiful! It's even more so if you see the whole view:

I would so love to go to Toledo and see it in person. Art like this makes me want more than ever for the Catholic church could be re-united to us Orthodox. I may have converted to Orthodoxy, but I just can't disown my western heritage -- not when it produces beatuy like this.

JMJ Ora Pro Nobis said...

I have seen the Cathedral in Toledo twice now and I can assure that anyone who does not think it is beautiful is either:
i)An anti catholic bigot, or
ii)Doesn't like the baroque style of art

Criticism about it being busy would most likely go under ii, thought to be honest orthodox churches are just as 'busy'