Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A couple of noteworthy posts from other blogs

 A Greek Orthodox Archimandrite has reportedly converted to Rome at the Monastery of Bellaigue.  That would be news in itself but supposedly he was received by Bishop Fellay of the SSPX.  Click here for the story.

There is a spectacular photo essay of life in an Orthodox parish by a professional photo-journalist.  Click here to visit her blog post.


gdelassu said...

Well, here is hoping that, as the good cleric has already begun the process of moving from schism and into reunion with God's holy Church, he will keep going. If he stops with the SSPX, he will simply have traded one schism for another.

Igumen Gregory said...

Lord have mercy! How often we Christians shoot ourselves in the foot as evidenced by gdelassu>

Proskomen said...

The first story is disgusting. God forgive that deluded man and bring him back to the Orthodox faith.

The second story is cool.

gdelassu said...

Since posting my initial comment, it occurs to me that Archmandrite Athangoras may have tried to convert through the proper channels and been rebuffed. I have certainly heard, in the years since the Balamand Declaration, stories of Rome refusing to receive Orthodox converts whose conversion might create a tension in ecumenical relations. If so, then I congratulate the Archimandrite on his canniness. Once the SSPX had received him, then Rome had to make room for him, if for no other reason than to get him out of the SSPX limelight. That would explain why Cardinal Levada himself would get involved in the process. In any event, I am glad to see that the Archimandrite is not tarrying in the SSPX, but has moved into the fullness of communion with the Catholic Church.

Finoscalco said...

Rorate Caeli blog had also reported the news of the alleged conversion two days ago but that post has now been updated with the following information:


"(Update) The content of the third external news item to which we had linked was incorrect in several of its most important details. From the SSPX we have received the following note: "The affirmation according to which the abjuration was received from the hands of Bp. Fellay and approved by Cardinal Levada is incorrect."

Anonymous said...

Re: the second story, I visited that same church just last week for a vespers service. It is very small, but so beautiful! I'm told that most of the iconography was done by the current priest there, Fr. Andrew. Would that it wasn't and hour and half away.